Women's Contributions Throughout History Have Been Ignored

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Don't recognize them? You should.
Women have been making significant contributions to science, discovery, art, literature, invention, and so on throughout history, but most of these contributions haven't found their way into our minds. Most people don't know any of it. The stories are not in history books or museums. An organization called National Women's History Museum (NWHM) is determined to change that. They intend to get a Women's History Museum in the National Mall (a national park in downtown Washington, D.C. which receives approximately 24 million visitors each year).

Recently, the NWHM successfully got a Commission Bill passed in Congress that will allow them to create the museum. Now all they have to do is raise roughly two million dollars. They have 18 months to do it.  If they don't come up with the money in 18 months, they lose their chance. This is the last site left on the National Mall.

If you would like to help make it happen, donate here: How to Donate to the NWHM. And share the cause with your friends and family. Like the NWHM page on Facebook here. Or on Twitter here. They've also got a channel on YouTube here. Share it all and let's help give women their deserved place in history.

The NWHM wrote in their recent mailing: "This is an epic time for us in women's history — a milestone. Establishing a physical women's museum is the largest single endeavor in American history women have ever undertaken for themselves to finally feature the central part women played in this nation's history.

"Every day we uncover another amazing story here at NWHM. We learn of women who made major discoveries for which they never received credit — or if they did, it has since been lost or buried. Or, in some cases, men were given the full credit until research showed women's critical part in the invention or discovery."

The president of NWHM, Joan Wages, wrote, "I don't really need to tell you how sorely needed this Museum is for women and children of all ages. Girls need role models to help them increase their self-esteem. Just talking about it in the media isn't enough. Women's History NEEDS to be in our textbooks, shared in social forums and in a Museum on our National Mall where America shows what we honor and respect! Our Museum is a critical first step!"

Help make it happen by clicking here. 


Kristin 10:55 AM  

Thank you for recognizing and supporting women's often unappreciated efforts and accomplishments that have so greatly impacted our country in countless ways. I enjoy your blog, and after this latest post I felt compelled to reach out to give you kudos. :)


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