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>> Friday

WHEN SOMETHING bothers you, if you can do anything about it, your mood is likely to rise. Many people are justifiably angry at the fatcats who made the decisions that caused The Great Recession but who personally made enormous profits in the process, and that large banks accepted bailout money from taxpayers but used it only to further their own interests, often at the expense of taxpayers.

But the "Move Your Money" movement is promoting something that each of us can DO about it: Move your money from the guilty banks to local banks and credit unions. Taking such a constructive action will improve your mood. You'll feel better knowing you have done something about the injustice.

For more information (including an easy way to find community banks), go to Move Your Money.

Watch the video below. It is 4 minutes and 11 seconds long. And please share it with others (another constructive action you can take).



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