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ON, I will give you effective but simple ways to raise your mood, adjust your attitude, and feel good more often, delivered in bite-sized, easy-to-digest pieces.

Who is this for? Everybody likes to be in a good mood, of course, but not everyone is motivated to do anything about it. I can think of several categories of people who might be committed to raising their moods:

1. People who know good moods are good for their health. Or who know pessimism is bad for their hearts and bad for their immune systems. People who know this and are committed to their health will really like

2. Parents of young children. Most parents know their attitude rubs off on their children and want to make sure the right attitude rubs off. And you can't fake it. Kids can see right through their parents, so a genuinely good mood is the only thing that will work.

3. A single person wanting a relationship. Obviously a person in a good mood is more attractive than someone in a bad mood.

4. Someone in commission sales or multi-level marketing. They know their own chronic mood will either help them succeed or help them fail.

5. People who deal with the public one-on-one and face-to-face and whose income is closely tied to how well they interact — restaurant servers, customer service representatives, travel agents, etc.

For these people, the ability to remain in a genuinely good mood is not just nice. It's important. You can fake a good mood only so much before others see through it or you get tired from the effort. A genuinely good mood makes you feel energetic and brightens the lives of people around you. It is a worthwhile endeavor. If you're with me on this, if you want to feel good more often, for whatever reason, I'm glad we found each other.



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