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HIGH GAS PRICES are not good for your mood. On the other hand, taking action with a sense of purpose is very good for your mood. If you live in the United States, I have several actions to recommend that will lower gas prices, help reduce pollution, generate jobs all over the world (including or maybe especially in America), and reduce the amount of money going to political regimes that suppress their own people. Are you ready? Here it is:

Support The Open Fuel Standard Act.

A bill was introduced earlier this month in the House of Representatives that would make it mandatory for all cars sold in the United States to be capable of burning any type of liquid fuel. This won't cost the federal government any money, and it will only add about 200 dollars to the cost of a new car. But it will immediately kick companies into gear — companies that invent, manufacture, and distribute alternative fuels. They'll have the confidence they need to immediately start ramping up and making competing fuels available.

Gas prices have risen so much that many of these fuels could already be sold competitively (if only there were more cars that could burn them). With real competition, oil companies will have to bring down their prices or go out of business.

The most important thing that needs to be done right now is to increase the number of representatives who co-sponsor the bill. This brings us to what you can do:

1. Urge your representative to become a co-sponsor for the bill (click here to find out how to do it in three minutes).

2. Subscribe to email updates and share those emails with your friends and family (click here to subscribe).

3. "Like" the Open Fuel Standard Facebook page and "share" their Facebook posts with your Facebook friends and family (click here to go to the Facebook page now).

4. Educate yourself about the Open Fuel Standard (click here to see recommended books, DVDs, and online videos).

5. Print copies of the OFS Fact Sheet. Share them with friends and family, and use it for "talking points" when talking with your representative (click here to read the fact sheet).

Let's all take some action on this. It will be good for everyone if we do. And it will feel good too.



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