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When you first come up with a goal you're excited about, everything is great. But then somewhere along the way, if the project is a long one, you may experience what I like to call a "doubt funk." You start to think this was a bad idea and you consider giving up.

Should you give up? What should you do about it? Find out here: Refresh Your Goals.

Another important factor affecting your feelings of doubt is your "explanatory style," that is, the habitual way you explain setbacks to yourself. Some ways of explaining setbacks leave your determination intact or even strengthen it. Other ways demoralize you and can lead to doubt funks. Learn more about solving that problem here.


Adam Khan 4:42 PM  

Someone just emailed the question: "What was the name of his book and movie?"

Hatter's Castle was his first book.

From Wikipedia:

Many of Cronin's books were bestsellers which were translated into numerous languages. His strengths included his compelling narrative skill and his powers of acute observation and graphic description. Although noted for its deep social conscience, his work is filled with colourful characters and witty dialogue. Some of his stories draw on his medical career, dramatically mixing realism, romance, and social criticism. Cronin's works examine moral conflicts between the individual and society as his idealistic heroes pursue justice for the common man. One of his earliest novels, The Stars Look Down, chronicles transgressions in a mining community in Northeast England and an ambitious miner's rise to be a Member of Parliament. Cronin's humanism continues to inspire — the film Billy Elliot was partly drawn from The Stars Look Down, and the opening song of Billy Elliot the Musical is entitled thus as a tribute. Through the years, Cronin's body of work has influenced many people to become writers or to enter the medical profession, including Giorgio Armani, who planned to become a doctor before becoming a designer.

Fred Miller 5:45 AM  

Anyone who wants to write novels should read Cronin. My favorite was The Keys to the Kingdom.

Steven King says he threw the first fifteen pages of Carrie in the trash because it was going to be too long. He wanted to write a short story and make $500 from a magazine. Tabitha fished it out of the trash and told him to finish it.


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