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Do you ever feel that you've worked all day and gotten nothing done? It is not only unpleasant to feel, it saps your motivation the next day.

Why do you suppose it happens? Do you think someone building a log cabin ever has that feeling? Or a potter making clay vases?

The problem you have is the nature of your work or the nature of human memory. There is a solution that will help you feel appropriate satisfaction at your day's work. It's called a "done list." Read more about it here: Motivation Principle Number Four.


Fred Miller 7:42 AM  

Extreeeeeemely important. Make that list.

My basic meditation includes making a mental list the same way. It's not just accomplishments. It's also a review of things that I did better today than yesterday.

One of my exes has started coming to me. Kinky, I know. She is a secretary and works in an office full of architects and lawyers. She is in her mid-fifties and feels inferior to all these young professionals. I gave her a recording of my basic meditation and began doing a review with her a couple times a week over the phone. She picked it up. Now she calls me and tells me about how she handled such and such a situation. She feels more accomplished and equal.

Feel good more often and become more effective with your actions. Check it out on Amazon: Self-Help Stuff That Works.

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