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If it is done well, positive thinking works well. Certain principles can help you do it effectively. For example, consider positive thinking to be a kind of self-coaching, and always coach toward a purpose.

Another way is to give yourself advice. It helps to imagine what a wise person would tell you.

Another good way to think positive is to use anti-negativity. To find out how to use these principles, and to learn more, check out this article: Does Positive Thinking Work?


Fred Miller 8:19 AM  

These are all excellent. In "Self-coaching" I use visualization. If you can see yourself doing something, you can do it. If you can see yourself helping people, you can do it. If you can see yourself loving people, you can do it.

David 9:52 AM  

Love it. These are some great tips. I especially appreciate #6 about aiming for love instead of cheerfulness. Its right on the money. I can't describe how surprised I am by the positive results when I focus on love for everything involved, even in the most adverse situations.

I used to think self coaching, cultivating my mind, positive thinking, or whatever self-help term is used, were due to personal weakness. Then I figured out that if I'm not cultivating my mind or coaching myself, the rest of the world is and much of the world does not have my best interests in mind.

Thanks for another great post!


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