What Makes You Feel Loved?

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The idea of "love languages" is one of the most helpful tips I've ever learned. The basic principle is that there are five love languages, and each of us favors one over the others. For example, some people could be hugged all day and not feel loved unless their significant other said "I love you." Another could be told they are loved all day long but until they are embraced, they don't really feel loved.

Those are two of the love languages: Physical touch and words of affirmation. Learn more:

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How to Think Positive Tips

If it is done well, positive thinking works well. Certain principles can help you do it effectively. For example, consider positive thinking to be a kind of self-coaching, and always coach toward a purpose.

Another way is to give yourself advice. It helps to imagine what a wise person would tell you.

Another good way to think positive is to use anti-negativity. To find out how to use these principles, and to learn more, check out this article: Does Positive Thinking Work?

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