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ALSO KNOWN as TV Turnoff Week, this annual event is aimed at helping people learn what life would be like without screens —particularly television. Read more about the event here.

TV Turnoff Week is being sponsored, supported, or promoted by many organizations, including The American Heart Association, Big Brothers and Sisters of America, the National Education Association, and the YMCA.

The event occurs twice a year, once in April, and once in September. This year (2010) it goes from September 19th until the 25th. gives a good answer the question about going a whole week. Couldn't we do it for just a day? "Turning off the television for seven full days helps participants realize that life without television is not torture and may actually be more fun. A multi-day TV 'fast' allows sufficient time for the development of habits likely to be more productive and rewarding."

Another question that comes up is what about "good" TV? Is all television bad? I like their answer: "All TV is passive, sedentary, and non-experiential."

Turning off the TV is a way to "encourage healthier lifestyles, stronger families and communities and improved reading skills," says the TV Turnoff Network. The movement has been motivated by statistics such as these.

So what do you think? Are you up for it? Let's turn off the screens for one whole week starting Sunday, September 19th.

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