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If you're going to spend your time working, you might as well feel satisfied about getting things done. If you sometimes have the feeling that you've worked all day and got nothing done, that can sap your motivation.

Find out what the problem is and fix it. The main problem is that much of the work we do is somewhat intangible. But you can do something about it: Rather than, or in addition to, making a to-do list, you can make a done list. Learn more about it here: Motivation Principle Number Four.


blogbehave 7:40 AM  

Now, if I were to write a "done list" for every blog I check in on (some days) THAT would be a long list :)

Thanks for a great suggestion. Because you're right. There are so many tasks that leave no visible results behind.

Like yesterday - had to remind myself I had accomplished two important things I had been meaning to do, but procrastinated, for weeks: ordered a piece for my broken camera and ordered checks for my office, both done online, both have no visible result YET. Expecting that to change in a week or so.

Feel good more often and become more effective with your actions. Check it out on Amazon: Self-Help Stuff That Works.

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