The Secret of Emotional Strength

>> Friday

You can be emotionally stronger by simply thinking more strongly. You can say things to yourself just as deliberately as you can say things out loud. You can say things that make you feel weak and overwhelmed just as easily as you can say things that give you determination and resolve.

When you already feel overwhelmed or weak, this may seem impossible. But it is completely possible. All you have to do is try it to find out. Learn more: Think Strong.


Feel Better When You're Productive

>> Monday

If you're going to spend your time working, you might as well feel satisfied about getting things done. If you sometimes have the feeling that you've worked all day and got nothing done, that can sap your motivation.

Find out what the problem is and fix it. The main problem is that much of the work we do is somewhat intangible. But you can do something about it: Rather than, or in addition to, making a to-do list, you can make a done list. Learn more about it here: Motivation Principle Number Four.



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