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Dogs like Angel here have, thoughout history, risked their lives to save their owners. You can read more about Angel's story in the article linked to below.

But dogs can save us in a different way: By soothing us and relaxing us and lowering our blood pressure. This is not a trivial effect because it takes place daily, and it is the accumulated stress and accumulated relaxation that has the impact on your health in the long run.

Learn more about that here: Reduce Stress, Get a Dog


Adam Khan 1:11 PM  

This just in...

"The organizers of the 12th International Conference of Human-Animal Interactions have announced that at their meeting this July, scientists will be presenting their latest findings confirming that friendly human-dog interaction releases oxytocin in both human and dog."

"The experiment found that women and their dogs experienced similar increases in oxytocin levels after ten minutes of friendly contact. Also the women's oxytocin response was significantly correlated to the quality of the bond they reported in a survey taken prior to the interacting with their pets."

Read an article about this research in Psychology Today here: Dog Good.


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