How To Improve Difficult Family Relationships

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There is a good reason to improve difficult family relationships: It has a big influence on your mood. And your mood has a big influence on the moods of people you know, and affects your health.

You might think I'm going to recommend forgiveness and forgetting slights. I will recommend nothing of the sort. The surest way to improve difficult family relationships with with honesty. But it has to be done a certain way. Find the key here: Attitudes and Kin.


Anonymous 4:59 PM  

Thank you so much for this. I have been struggling with the way my sister-in-law treats me and our side of the family. We've just kept pushing it under the rug, but with this latest incident, I decided to take your advice and be open and honest without being judgmental. Just like you said, there are two ways it could go, and she has chosen to cut off all contact. I only hope I can keep a relationship with my brother and niece. :-(

Anonymous 1:33 AM  

Hi, i have a sister whom used to share a close relationship with me. Upon adulthood, she started nursing grudges towards me and pushed all blames of her own inadequancies and incompetency on me.
Sometimes, she hallucinated that I backmouthed her and started hurling verbal abuse on me. Then, she would tell others I started it all first. I am at a loss. I wanted to point out the fact that I am innocent but she always falsied the statements.

Adam Khan 11:11 AM  

There is always a possibility your sister is a sociopath. Follow the link below and rule that out first. Because if she is a sociopath, you will not be able to make your relationship work, no matter what you do.


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