You Can Improve Your Sense Of Humor (I'm Not Kidding)

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It doesn't take a lot of effort, and the effort is fun for the most part anyway. The rewards for having a better sense of humor are tremendous, not just for your mood, but for your relationships and health too.

To gain some insights on how to increase your sense of humor, read this: Benefits and Methods to Improve Your Sense of Humor.


Adam Khan 12:36 AM  

I'd like to add something else. When you're about to say something funny, never announce it and never say "I have a really funny story for you."

One of the things that makes a statement funny is the suddenness and unexpectedness of it. A build up ruins the element of surprise.

Adam Khan 12:38 AM  

Okay, one more thing. The closer you can put the punch line to the very end of your statement, the funnier it is. Much of the humor is the sudden, surprising derailment. By leaving the surprising part to the very end, you enhance the suddenness, and it is funnier.

Now get out there and have fun!

Mary Kay Morrison 12:53 PM  

Hi Adam and readers

I really enjoyed this article. I think you might be interested in The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. AATH is an international organization dedicated to supporting our members as they advance the benefits of laughter and humor.

Founded in 1987, AATH is an international, professional association whose members help others through the study and positive use of humor and laughter! Above all, AATH is dedicated to separating fact from fiction - promoting what is known about humor and laughter as opposed to what is all too often perpetuated as myth.

AATH spreads the message that humor and laughter do have a place in creating healthier, more effective environments in which to live and work and play! The five primary "communities" served by AATH are; Health & Wellness, Seniors & Aging, Education, Spirituality & Faith Communities, and Business. AATH members includes doctors and nurses, researchers, caring clowns, psychologists, therapists, social workers, teachers, administrators, clergy, expert speakers and authors, and a wide variety of businessmen and women.

A real benefit of AATH is that it provides an updated research base for members through our newsletter. Our conference is DYNOMITE and will be a cruise from San Diego in January 2008. AATH is cruising full steam ahead toward the capstone event of our 20th anniversary celebration! From January 31 to February 4, 2008, Carnival’s “Elation” will be our “AATH Laugh Boat!” We would love to have you join us for our celebration.

For a the low cost of membership, you will be connected to kindred souls who also get a superb Humor Connection newsletter, a monthly e-zine with the latest humor research, a monthly member memo, a discount on a great conference, a member’s online forum, plus access to our Speakers' Bureau. Check us out at

Mary Kay Morrison 1:31 PM  

Hi Adam:

I would like to add to my previous letter that your article “You Can Improve Your Sense of Humor” makes a great contributation to the field of humor. The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor could use your sense of humor and your energy.

I am a retired teacher and now do workshops on humor and stress management. AATH has been a wonderful resource and support for me as I continue my consultant business to connect humor and learning.

We would be happy to send you additional information if you would like, just let AATH know! We are looking forward to hearing from you! We could use your energy in AATH!

Fred 11:37 AM  

One of Lincoln's famous stories:

Ethan Allen was an ambassador to England after the Revolution. To insult Mr. Allen on a visit, the English hung a picture of General Washington in the toilet. Ethan Allen went to the toilet and said that they had found the perfect place for that picture. Nothing could make an Englishman shit so quick as the sight of General Washington.


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