How To Feel Happier In The Long Run By Doing What Doesn't Come Naturally

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You can improve your mood by using a principle from the book, See Her Smile, which was written for men, but in this case, the principle applies to both sexes. The idea is that there are five "love languages" and each of us favors one or more of them. And if your significant other favors a different one than you, it's a good idea to recognize it and alter the way you express your love so your loved one actually feels loved by you.

Because we favor one love language, it feels like the only way things can be, but if someone favors "words of affirmation" and the other favors "physical touch" (those are two of the love languages), then it is possible for both of them to rarely feel loved in that relationship. Each make "know" they are loved, but not feel loved.

To explore this further, read the article, The Five Love Languages.


Sarah K. 10:17 AM  

This is such a good reminder. I was just thinking that I needed to focus on my hubby a little bit more. This post came at just the right time!


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